Ref. : YM400E
2-in-1 Yoghurt & Cheese maker

No more need to choose between cheese and dessert!

Just one appliance to prepare delicious yoghurts, quark cheeses, fromages frais, etc.

  • 2 buttons, 'Yoghurt' and 'fromage frais', directly control the pre-programmed temperatures
  • A screen with digital display shows the preparation time
  • With the automatic shut off the appliance can operate on its own, without supervision
  • It comes with 6 125ml glass pots and 2 250ml quark pots, the Cuisinart Yoghurt&Cheese maker is ready to use
  • A book with more than 35 recipes is included with the product

Accessories sold separately:
Set of 6 125ml glass pots (YM401E)
Set of 2 250ml pots with strainers (ref. YM402E)

Lid Set of 6 x 125ml glass pots Set of 2 x 250ml pots

18/10 brushed stainless steel design

6 125ml glass pots

2 250ml pots and 2 special fromage frais strainers

Back-lit LCD screen displays the preparation time

2 temperature control buttons: Yoghurts (43°C) and Fromage frais (33°C )

Button to control cooking time

Preparation complete signal

Electronic probe to monitor and maintain a constant cooking temperature

Storage space under the appliance for the lead