Ref. : FP12DCSE
Food Processor

The latest generation of food processors!

Practical, innovative, easy to use, this food processor slices, crushes, beats, chops, mixes, shreds, blends...

Its professional materials (motor, blades, discs, bowls, coating) together create a heavy-duty appliance that guarantees the best result.

* Optional accessories: set of 3 discs (fries, Parmesan, Julienne) DISC12E

Slicing disc (thickness from 1 to 6mm)
Reversible shredding disc (4 and 6 mm)
Emulsion disc
Large slicing blade
Slicing blade for quick preparations
Nylon dough blade
Disc adaptor
Storage case with lock
Small pusher
Large pusher
Lid with seal + extra-wide feed tube
Small bowl (0.95L)
XL bowl
Fries disc *
Julienne disc *
Parmesan disc *
Set of 3 discs


Long-lasting and quiet induction motor (1200 W)

“Pulse” mode (sequential mode)

Solid aluminium housing with finger mark-free coating for a sturdier build and easier clean up.

2 multi-purpose hard-wearing polycarbonate bowls

Blade-lock system for safe handling of the bowls and blades.

Lid with seal for maximum capacity of the liquid

1 extra-wide feed tube with pusher safety latch

1 oval feed tube with built-in drip feed in the pusher

High-precision stainless steel blades and discs for long-lasting and perfect cutting edge

2 nesting bowls: - large bowl (2.8L capacity) – special quick preparations bowl (1.4L capacity)

3 stainless steel blades: large micro-serrated slicing blade – slicing blade for quick preparations – dough blade

Stainless steel discs: - 16-in-1 slicing disc (thickness from 1 to 6mm) – reversible shredding disc (4 and 6 mm)

Emulsion disc: firm egg whites / fluffy whipped cream

Storage case with lock


Colour: silver

Power: 1200 W

Product dimensions (cm): 18 X 24 X 41

Product weight (kg): 8.5

Packaging dimensions (cm): H 50.5 x W 32.4 x D 36.2

Packaging weight (kg): 11.20