Ref. : PSC650E
Electric Slow Cooker

Ideal for slow cooking over low temperature preserving the flavours of every

Safe slow cooking...

The ceramic coating on the pot, combined with the raised ring element around the base of the appliance, distributes the heat perfectly and food won't catch.

A digital screen makes it easier to program the  times and the 3 cooking temperatures

Switches automatically to keep warm which lets you prepare food ahead of time to eat later.

6.5L capacity (12 servings), brushed stainless steel housing, easy to clean.

4-setting thermostat:

SIMMER: for cooking slowly and intensifying the flavours of the foods
(about 85°C)

LOW: for simmering traditionally (about 93°C)
HIGH: for simmering quickly in classical cooking (about 100°C)
WARM: automatically keep warm for up to 8 hours

Cooking rack for steaming Glass lid with handle


Brushed stainless steel housing

Enamelled ceramic pot

6.5L capacity (10-12 servings)

Aluminium alloy interior for better heat transfer

“Raised ring” element for even cooking

Glass lid for checking the food

Digital control panel

Timer programming: digital timer from 0 to 24 hours

Stay-cool handles

Cooking rack for steaming

Max power: 220W