Ref. : CEC7E
Egg cooker

An original product...

For the perfect cooked egg!

It cooks up to 7 eggs in their shells for hard, medium or soft boiled or poaches up to 3.

Brushed stainless steel dome, heat-insulated handles, audible tone to indicate end of cooking time.

1 graduated measuring cup included

Desired consistency
Cooking time
Poached eggs
de 1 to 3 10 minutes
Boiled eggs : soft
de 1 to 7 6 to 9 minutes
Boiled eggs : medium de 1 to 7 10 to 14 minutes
Boiled eggs : hard de 1 to 7 15 to 18 minutes


1 graduated beaker with piercing pin
2 egg cups
Base with non-stick plate
Holder for 7 eggs
Poaching tray
Stainless steel dome


Stainless steel dome

Heat-insulated handles for practical use

Power-on indicator light

Audible signal at end of cooking

Cup to measure the water depending on the desired cooking and the number of eggs.

Accessories: 2 egg holders / 1 poaching tray / 1 graduated beaker with piercing pin

Power: 350W

Product dimensions (cm) 16x16x19

Product weight 0.88 kg

Packaging dimensions (cm): 17x17x20

Packaging weight: 12kg

Packing: 2