Our know-how – Values and Philosophy

Initially designed by professionals for professionals, Cuisinart has adapted its products for the general public to meet the needs of the most demanding of users. That's why, at the foundation of Cuisinart's success, there is just one desire: to create objects that make the kitchen accessible to all. Simple and clever, Cuisinart products make life easier and let you express your talent. Using detailed research, we equipped our appliances with better adapted functions, for pleasure and for excellent cooking results.

Professional performance, design, quality and innovation are the brand's main values: the materials are selected with care for their strength and their reliability, the most specialised technologies are used for optimal precision, the appliances are equipped with functions that are best adapted for simplicity and efficiency and the many attachments enhance use.

At Cuisinart, we are convinced that the current trend is toward personalisation and creativity when cooking from recipes. That's why we have designed a range of sturdy and high-performance household appliances that are easy to use. Clever and derived from the professional world, our products will make your life easier and let you express your talent. When using the products, you'll be inspired by increasingly creative cooking.