Our know-how – Noble and resistant materials

Noble materials : Stainless steel and Aluminium

  • Incomparable long life
  • Better resistance to watere
  • Easy to clean


The food processor bowls are made from thick (2 to 3mm) polycarbonate, thus offering tough resistance (unbreakable bowls).

Polycarbonate is used to make visors for professional helmets used in competitions.

The blades:

The blades are made from surgical steel *with 13% chromium. Made with heat treatment that guarantees high hardness, they are very solid, stainless steel and sharp.

*X12Cr13 (AISI 410)

Blades for chopping and mixing: micro-serration. The specially designed shape allows for optimal cutting.

Dough blade: the combined shape of the upper and lower blade, and the complementary angles offer quick and light kneading. It is a GENUINE KNEADING MACHINE.

Blender blade: very strong, it crushes ice effortlessly. Its complex multi-edged blade creates an efficient vortex and blends more quickly and more finely.

Non-stick coating: The non-stick coatings used are top of the range organic coatings in PTFE for perfect slide and long life.