Customer Care – Warranty

Cuisinart offers you a 3-year warranty on all its electric products against any manufacturing defect.
We offer a standard exchange of the appliance (identical or equivalent) during this period.

This warranty excludes damage resulting from:

  • misuse
  • a drop or fall
  • lack of or poor maintenance or cleaning
  • use of harsh detergents that are inappropriate for the product
  • use with voltage that is different from that indicated on the product (230V)
  • force majeure
  • dismantling, maintenance or repairs by unauthorised persons
  • and generally any improper use of the product.

To exchange your product, please return to your retailer with the full defective product, the original proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) as well as the warranty card duly completed with your full contact details, or contact the Cuisinart Customer Service on 00 800 5000 6000 (free phone number from a landline). An exchange of the product will not extend the initial warranty period.