About us

In the 70s, after a holiday in France, Carl Sontheimer, an American engineer who loved France and its cuisine, designed a range of kitchen appliances sold to restaurant professionals in the United States.

Benefiting from the latest in technology, this range rapidly found a place among a public that was on a quest for inventive and quick cooking: the Cuisinart food processor became a must in the kitchen, the press seized it and the company developed a multi-faceted culinary world. In 1989, the Conair Group acquired Cuisinart to develop the brand around its founding values: noble, robust and solid materials, exclusive technologies, innovative concepts, an elegant and compact design and simple and practical use. To guarantee results. Over the years, Cuisinart established it position as leader in kitchen tools by diversifying its range and penetrating various market segments: blenders, coffee makers, toasters, griddlers, and so on.

In 2003, Cuisinart returned stronger than ever to the country that inspired its creation, sponsored by a great chef, the ambassador for French cuisine, Paul Bocuse. Diligent user of Cuisinart products, he affiliates himself with our brand's professionalism and values. Since then, Cuisinart has been launched on other European markets where it has confirmed its calling to become a brand that represents pleasure and lifestyle.

The Conair Group

Created in 1959 in New York by the Rizzuto family, the Conair group is today the best-known in the world for personal care and in 2006 reached a turnover of 2 billion dollars.

The source of the group's success, a genuine passion for the products that, backed by an intense programme for communication and innovation, created new trends in all its activities.


  • On 6 continents
  • in over 80 countries
  • with over 10 brands which include BaByliss and Cuisinart in France